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Don’t Wait

Our lives and everything we create are temporary. Forgotten tomorrow, like watercolors washed by the sea. So if you have an idea for a song, don’t wait. Write that song. And then sing it loudly for as long as it occupies your heart. If you have a story within, write that story. A blog post? Write it. Post it.

Above all, don’t worry that it might not be the right song, the right blog post, the right story for this moment. This particular moment is all we have. The sea washes away all. All colors, all words fade. All music washes away. We have only this moment to shine.

But what an amazing moment it is. In this moment, your colors are exactly what your soul – and possibly another soul – needs to make their moment brighter. You truly may never know. Each of our short lives are immeasurably less for not having seen the bright colors you can bring to this moment.

And so while the sea of time washes all things away, our lives and our art are a dazzling procession, moment upon moment upon beautiful moment of shining, of music, of words, of color. Take your place in the throng. Sing your song loudly. Write your words boldly. Splash your colors with abandon. And give them all with gratitude to your fellow humans, and to the sea.  Don’t wait.

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