The Texture of This Moment

Lisa and I have been writing every morning for a few years, and it has revolutionized our respective days. We usually listen to music softly in the background while doing so. It’s been my challenge to write more music for us to listen to. It has to be evocative, but not busy. It must be lovely, but not distracting from the task at hand. This is definitely ambient piano music that is comfortable being in the background.

I’ve got about nine pieces sketched out, and in various levels of completion. I plan to release this collection in the next 30-60 days.

The Next Nightcap

The Nightcap is what I call my series of web concerts that I’ve done. I started doing them in 2017, with a string of concerts, each consisting of just a few songs each, that went every day for a week. I’ve done them rather irregularly since.

They’re a way to interact with the people that like my music, and it’s also a great way to keep “in shape” for performing. With my role at Lisa Kahn Designs and a family to help support, it would be really hard jump in a microbus and go on tour for a month or so. Therefore these web concerts are my way of connecting with fans and keeping the skills sharpened. They make me really nervous but I do love them.

Latest Update:

Rehearsals are… I’m looking for a more polite way to say KICK ASS. These are some good songs that really lend themselves to my mode of performance.

Also, I’ve discovered that YouTube allows stereo broadcasting with YouTube Live, so the Nightcap will be broadcast on YouTube.

If you want a heads up from YouTube, do this: Go to my YouTube channel here and hit the big, red “Subscribe” button. You’ll get notified when the concert is going live.

Thanks for reading!

This page was updated on Sunday, 2018 March 25. I got the idea for a /now page from Derek Sivers.