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Piano, ambient, chill, electronic goodness in a 4-track EP

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The Clearing is a place in the forest where you can finally see the sky. It’s a place in the mind where only the essential is left. For me, this EP was a chance to put together some of the best instrumentals I had created through some of the previous years and present them as a whole.

Wednesday’s Child

This piece has the most obvious groove of any piece in the collection. When I created this in 2001 (I can’t believe it was sixteen years ago!) I was entranced with the “funky drummer” sample that was common to many r&b and hip hop pieces at the time. I found the sample and created this piece with the simple piano melody and a simplified chord progression that was more about the groove than anything else.


Supplication was an experiment with time. I was striving to create a melody that was cyclical, and that felt like it was decelerating and accelerating slightly throughout in order to give a sense of timelessness. Of eternity.

With the lush string and layered synthesized parts behind the piano melody, I was also striving to capture something I had sensed on my recent trip to southern India that was foreign to my Western religious upbringing: a sense of the sacred and the sensual at once. I love this pathway of contemplation.

The Garden of Trees

The Garden of Trees was an extemporaneous piece I was possessed to play one Sunday afternoon. The melodies just started to come out as I sat at the piano to play. I started recording and managed to capture the performance.

One of the things I love about this piece is the silence. It is every bit as expressive as the music itself.

The Zen of Movement

The Zen of Movement was chronologically the last track created, and it was made just for this collection in 2011. I had in my mind layers upon layers of sound, and that as the layers were added, as the listener “ascended” through the layers, that the ones before would recede into the fabric that made up the background of the piece.

This was harder than it sounds, and presented a compositional challenge. Different sounds that worked together, melodies that would complement each other without excessive overlap or conflict… it was a challenge that I really enjoyed. For the six elements that are played in different combinations to make up this song, I probably tried six hundred. And through all of it I found these that fit together well.

Technical Details

The downloadable files are high-quality 320 KBPS constant bit rate MP3 files. Other file formats are available: FLAC, OGG, M4A, AAC, WAV, and AIFF. After purchase, shoot me a note indicating which of those formats you’d prefer, and I’ll share the downloadable link with you straight away.

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