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Timber & Frame – Go Jackson Doll

When people put love into what they’re doing, it makes all the difference in the world. You can hear it. You can feel it.

Jackson Doll is my nephew, but that is not important. I know his family – Jackson’s mother is my wife’s sister, and is the one responsible for bringing my lovely wife and I together. But that’s not important either. The really important relationship here is that of Jackson to the world around him, and how the Gliding Stars program is enhancing that.

This could be any child on the autism spectrum – while this family is close to my heart, their story is unique only as far as each person is unique. Jennifer is quite possibly the world’s most dedicated mom, but she’s only one of millions of the world’s most dedicated moms – the mothers of autistic children.

But on to the work itself: Timber & Frame – Go Jackson Doll. Watch this. Bring tissues. Jackson will steal your heart, even with the pain you see him go through. You will feel the love with which this family is portrayed. You will feel the love for their craft that the guys at Timber & Frame have displayed here. It is sensitively, powerfully, and altogether exquisitely done.

Go Jackson Doll

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