The Next…

Every time I’ve tried to make a plan to do something other than this next album, the hand of fate seems to intervene and steer me back to the work at hand.

I’ve been so excited about numerous projects over the past two years. I have worked on putting on a few Nightcap concerts on Facebook, and prepared for a more intense, longer production on YouTube Live.

I even toyed with doing a fundraiser web concert for a very deserving organization here in Naples, and spent some time putting together a podcast. 

As summer peaked and meandered toward fall and I traveled to NYC, Atlanta, Denver, Costa Rica, Provence, and then finally Paris, I realized that my further Nightcap concerts, fundraiser concerts, and podcasts were not going to happen. I had to let them go. 

Not that I won’t do these things in the future. But I had to acquaint myself with the reality that I am not going to do them now.

The Now…

Autumn has just broken as I write this. My birthday is right around the corner, just over a month away. It’s time to finish what I’ve started.

But it’s funny, once I commit — I mean REALLY commit — to finishing a project. That project suddenly becomes a source of deep satisfaction, and somehow, also, instantly manageable. 

And so the work has begun in earnest, cleaning up and tightening the compositions, re-recording the parts that were done in a hurry just to capture the idea, and getting into the depths of what the album and each piece is really about.

I look forward to sharing it with you. Stay tuned.

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