A little about me:

Born to an itinerant preacher and his wife in 1967, I started playing the piano at 3 years old, and writing songs at 4. I started piano lessons at 7, and built my first electronic synthesizer at 10.

I studied music at Oral Roberts University, and then business at Ohio Northern University. I’ve held a hundred different jobs, but had only one calling. At the end of the day you will always find me at the piano.

I’ve released two albums. The first is a collection of four ambient/chill electronic pieces called The Clearing. The second is Finding Sanctuary : Christmas, eight traditional carols with meditative arrangements, with one original piece.

I do it for one reason: it’s thrilling. The whole process of creating music is exhilarating, from hearing a melody in my head, trying to coax it forth, playing it over and over to see where it leads, and then following the paths with orchestration – all of it is thrilling.

Music is like breathing to me. I can’t not hear it, even in silence. It’s hard-wired into my brain.

The creative process fascinates me. I am always experimenting, reading, and taking inspiration from everything that I come across.

I have a very contemplative nature. I live an inner life as well as the outer one. I look for meaning in everything. A lot of this ends up in my music.

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